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                                   MATLAB® based Data Acquisition Software for VXI Hardware

Demo Software

A standalone full featured version of the Acq_Mat Software Suite (including all options) is available at No Cost.

First, send an email message to info@dynamic-measurements.com requesting a Trial version of Acq_Mat.  Include in your email your:

  • Name (user):
  • Organization:
  • Organization Web Site:
  • Users' Email Address:
  • Industry:
  • VXI Modules Available, ie E1432A, ... :

You will get a User Name and Password by return email for logging in.


Download the files by opening Windows Explorer on your computer and typing in the address line (top bar):


        User Name: Use the Login User Name  obtained above.

        Password: Use the password obtained above.

Once a password has been entered, simply click on "Log On" without checking any other boxes.

Download all the files in this directory to a new directory on your computer.

Print out the file "Acq_Mat_NOTES.doc (or Acq_Mat_NOTES.txt) for installation instructions.



If there are any questions, contact support@dynamic-measurements.com or call 425 466 3312