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   Dynamic Measurements, Inc.

                                   MATLAB® based Data Acquisition Software for VXI Hardware

AcqMat1432 has the following measurements capabilities:

Using either VT1432A/B, VT1433B, VT1435A or VT1436A VXI Modules (or the Agilent E1432/3 or Hewlett-Packard E1432/3 Predecessors)

Input Channels:

  • N Channels, simultaneously sampled data at sampling rates up to 196608 samples/sec/channel (VT1433B) or 51200 samples/sec/ch with other modules. The sample rate can go down to a little as 1 samples/sec/channel.

  • Selectable Full Scale Voltage Ranges.  Built-in IEPE, Charge and Microphone support via Breakout Boxes. Choose AC or DC coupling.

  • VT1433 modules support variable AC coupling frequency.

  • Choose the Number of Active Channels from 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 ... to N Channels in even numbers.

  • Import Excel files with channel parameters like EU sensitivity, EU,  ID #, Transducer Model Number and Serial Number.

  • Keep track of each Input Channel parameters including:

    • Transducer Model #

    • Serial #

    • Point ID

    • Point Direction

    • Engineering Units

    • Transducer Sensitivity

    • Range

    • Coupling AC or  DC

    • Mode (Voltage, Charge, Microphone or IEPE)

  • Modules upload data calibrated in Engineering Units.

  • Modules keep track of overload data.

  • Control up to eight (8) sources for MIMO Measurements via Option 1D4 (or VT1434A modules).