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Acq-Mat1432  Multi-Reference Impact has the following measurements capabilities:

Multiple Reference Impact Domain:

  • Impact Auto Ranging with Overloaded Channels Graph

  • Viewable Force and Response Window Graphs within the User Interface

  • Automatic Removal of the DC component in all channels

  • Viewable Windowed Force and Response Time Records with 2, 4, 8 or 16 Traces Displayed

  • Waiting for Impact Pop-up<

  • Accept / Reject Pop-up

  • Viewable Frequency Response Plots  with 2, 4, 8 or 16 Traces while measurement is running

  • Once a Measurement is completed, immediately plot all the other channels in the multiple trace format

  • Choose Linear Mag with Phase or Coherence or Log Mag with Phase or Coherence. 

  • Importable Excel Files for either the Impact locations or Response Point locations including Point #, Direction, EU, Sensitivity, Model # and Serial #

  • Multidimensional Matlab data Structure with:

    • All Frequency Responses from all Input Points and all Response Points

    • All Ordinary Coherence Functions

    • All Input, Output and Cross Spectrums for all Impacts

    • All Impact Windowed Time Records are also saved (if desired)

    •  All Channel specific identification (Point and Direction, Ranges, Coupling, Sensitivity, EU, etc

    • All Saved Data is also Time Stamped

  • Plot any of the Data Functions from any Impact location complete with all annotation (Channel #, Impact Pt, Res Pt & Dir)

    • Choose 2, 4, 8 or 16 Trace Plots

    • Electively choose dual cursors on each Plot

    • Choose Linear Mag with Phase or Coherence or Log Mag with Phase or Coherence, choose Real & Imag or Real Vs Imag

    • Use all the Matlab features for modifying the plot characteristics

    •  Overwrite any one particular impact point with a better measurement, thus keeping in one structure all the data

    • See the User Interface Tab for some of the Multi-Reference Impact Domain User Interface Windows




Impact Measurement