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                                   MATLAB® based Data Acquisition Software for VXI Hardware

Acq_Mat1432 Prerequisites:


Supported VXI Modules:


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  • VTI Instrument's VT1432A / B, VT1433B, VT1434A, VT1435A or VT1436A Input  Modules (ADC's)
  • or Hewlett-Packard/Agilent E1432A, E1433B or E1434A Modules.

For RPM Run-Up Measurements or Order Tracking one needs a Tachometer Option AYF

Time Measurements where RPM values are wanted  also needs Tachometer Option AYF

For most all Acq_Mat Options one needs a source module: Option 1D4 or VT1434A or HP/Agilent E1434A


VT 1432B        

VT 1432A Picture

VT 1432A    

VT 1432A 

VT 1433B    

VT 1433B

VT 1435 / VT 1436    


  • VTI Instruments VT1434A Source Module (DAC's)


                 VY 1434A

    • Without a VT1434A, order source option 1D4 for the VT1432 or VT1433.


  • VTI Instruments VT2216 SCSI  Disk Module (Throughput Disk)

                       VT 2216A    

                       VT N2216A



Acq_Mat1432  also works with existing HP or Agilent  E1432, E1433, E1434 & E1562 or N2216 modules.


VXIbus Computer Interfaces:

  • VTI Instruments VXI 1394 or Agilent E8491B IEEE 1394 Interface for the VXI Mainframe. 


VXI 1394


  • Or the preferred Interface ...

  • VTI Instrument's EX2500A Gigabit Ethernet Slot 0 Interface for the VXI Mainframe.

VTI Instrument's EX2500A     




VXIbus Software Drivers:

  • VTI Instruments ActiveX Driver for VT1432 / 33 / 34 (Rev 2.0).

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  • Agilent Technology I/O Library Suite

       Contact Dynamic Measurements






Supported Version of Mathworks' MATLAB® :

  • Mathworks MATLAB®

    •  8.6 Release R2015b (Preferred) or ...

    •  8.5 Release R2015a

    • 8.4 Release R2014b

    • 8.3 Release R2014a

    • 8.2 Release R2013b

    • 8.1 Release R2013a

    • 8.0  Release R2012b

    • 7.14 Release R2012a

    • 7.13 Release R2011b

    • 7.12 Release R2011a

    • 7.11 Release R2010b

    • 7.10 Release R2010a 

    • 7.9 Release R2009b 

    • 7.8 Release R2009a

    • 7.7 Release R2008b 

    • 7.6 Release R2008a

    • 7.5 Release R2007b 


  • No additional MATLAB® Toolboxes are required. 

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    Matlab Partner  VTI Instruments Logo           





General Requirements:

  • Host computer with an IEEE 1394 Firewire Interface or 1 Gigabit LAN EX2500A Interface.

  • Microsoft Windows 10 or 7 (32 or 64 bit), Microsoft Windows Vista (32 bit), Win XP; Recommended Host RAM:  1000MB or more with higher channel counts

  • Microsoft Excel required (For importing Point and Direction Lists or Channel Parameters).



  • We chose the MATLAB® environment for Acq_Mat because leveraging this mathematical and graphic environment  provides a robust turnkey solution that reduced development and debugging time. The user can also easily perform additional data analysis on all data obtained and create custom graphs from within this MATLAB® environment.

  • We chose the VTI Instruments' hardware platform because it is a stable, scalable, high performance measurement system with a good interface to PCs.   The hardware is reasonably portable and can be controlled by a laptop or desktop computer with impressive performance.  You are also not limited to one vendor’s software solution.