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                                   MATLABĀ® based Data Acquisition Software for VXI Hardware

Acq-Mat1432 Order Track has the following measurements capabilities:

Rotating Machine RPM Order Track Domain Run-Up or Run-Down Measurements
  • Display one Tri-Axial Overall Response and "Plot on the Fly" while the RPM values are accumulating.

  • Choose the Start and End RPM values and the RPM Measurement Increment.

  • Choose Max Order, Delta Order and Window Type.

  • Choose Number of Tachometer Pulses / Revolution

  • Choose the Tachometer Trigger Voltage Level and Slope (+ or -).

  • Choose  Run-Up or Run-Down Measurements

  • Choose Window Type (Flattop, Hann or Uniform).

  • Choose the Number of Active Channels in Tri-Axial (X, Y & Z) Groups.

  • Block Sizes: 64 to 8192 ( Set by Acq_Mat Program).

  • Frequency Spans: All those supported by VT1432/VT1433 ( Also Set by Acq_Mat Program).

  • 3-D Color Surface Shaded Plots of any Channel's RPM vs. Order vs. Log Mag Amplitude Response.

  • Dynamically Rotate the 3-D Plots in Real Time via the Mouse.

  • Plot  each Tri-Axial  Overall RMS Response vs. RPM at Measurement Completion.

  • Requires the VT1432 or VT1433 Tachometer Option AFY

  • Any overload data and all setup parameters are saved with the data

Order Track Plot