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   Dynamic Measurements, Inc.

                                   MATLABĀ® based Data Acquisition Software for VXI Hardware

Acq_Mat1432 has the following measurements capabilities: 

General:  Source Channels (VT1434A or Option 1D4):


Acq_Mat provides the following built-in excitation waveforms, some of which are unique:

  • NEW: MIMO Measurements; Control up to eight (8) sources with uncorrelated Burst Random or True Random

  • Burst Random (selectable Ramp % & Duty Cycle).

  • Burst Log Sweep (selectable Start & Stop Frequencies, Ramp % & Duty Cycle).

  • Burst Linear Sweep (selectable Start & Stop Frequencies, Ramp % & Duty Cycle).

  • Burst Sine (selectable Start Frequencies, Ramp % & Duty Cycle).

  • Periodic Linear Sweep (selectable Start & Stop Frequencies).

  • Periodic Log Sweep (selectable Start & Stop Frequencies).

  • Continuous Sine.

  • Swept Sine (for Swept Sine Measurements).

  • True Random.

  • Periodic Arbitrary Waveform (User Defined)

  • All waveforms have selectable Amplitude. 

  • For Multiple Input Multiple Output measurements, Control up to 8 Sources with either Random or Burst Random all uncorrelated.