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                                   MATLAB® based Data Acquisition Software for VXI Hardware

Dynamic Measurements offers two user friendly, general purpose turnkey Data Acquisition & Analysis software products, Acq_Mat1432 and Acq_Mat1564 for controlling VTI Instruments, Hewlett-Packard or Agilent  VXI modules.

Now, Very Low Cost, complete systems built with used VXI Modules.

A 16 Channel VXI system including:     E8408A Mainframe, E8491B VXI Interface, Firewire (IEEE1394) computer card, 16 Channel 1432A + Option 1D4 Source and AcqMat Option ATFD Time and Frequency Domain Software.  All for $6500. Assumes Mathworks MATLAB software exists. 

Call for other configurations like more channels, more measurements domains (more VXI modules and software options) or pre configured low cost high performance used computers.

Acq_Mat1432 Application Software for VT1432 thru VT1436 VXI Modules or the Agilent or the Hewlett Packard equivalent.

  • Throughput Multiple ADC Channels (N) of continuous, simultaneous sampled Time Data to the Host Disk or RAM, or the VT2216A
  • Swept Sine FRF Measurements with selectable Auto Level, Auto Resolution and Limit channels
  • Perform either MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) or SIMO Frequency Response Measurements (FRF's).
  • Simultaneously control up to Eight (8) Source (DAC) Channels for MIMO measurements with Uncorrelated Random or Uncorrelated Burst Random with N response ADC channels
  • Multi-Reference Impact FRF Measurements for Structural Modal Applications
  • Rotating Machine Computed Order Tracking
  • Rotating Machine RPM Run Up or Run Down Measurements
  • Real Time 1/1 or 1/3 Octave Measurements
  • Monitor Time and Instantaneous or Averaged FFT Spectrums while Throughputting
  • Choose 2,4,8 or 16 Display Trace Data Formats with Dual Cursors on each Trace
  • Built-in Broadband Excitation DAC Waveforms, Linear and Log Swept Burst Chirps with selectable Start & Stop Frequencies
  • Burst Random Noise for Minimum Leakage Measurements
  • Periodic Linear and Log Swept Sine Chirps with Selectable Start & Stop Frequencies
  • Continuous Sine, Selectable Frequency
  • Periodic Arbitrary Data Excitation Waveforms
  • Import Excel files with channel parameters like EU, EU Sensitivity, ID, etc.
  • Export Data as either .MAT files or Universal File Format for portability to other environments
  • Supports MATLAB® versions R2015b through R2007b
  • Acq_Mat1432 Current release: A.02.29
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Acq_Mat1564 Application Software for VT1564A 800 kHz VXI Module

  • Capture simultaneous sampled, continuous Time Data from N channels.
  • Choose 2, 4, 8 or 16 Trace Data Formats with Dual Cursors on each Trace (except 16 trace case).
  • After the measurement is completed, choose a different number of traces and starting channel and re-plot the data.
  • Take advantage of the Mathwork's  MATLAB® graphics to simply bring up the graphics attributes and change the default plot parameters.
  • Selectable simultaneous sampling periods from 0.838 seconds to 0.00000125 Seconds (sample rates from 1.19 Hz to 800,000 Hz).
  • Automatic module find with printout of VXI address and installed memory.
  • Trigger support for Immediate, Channel 1 Arbitrary Level +/- (rising or falling) and Ext (rising or falling).
  • Select the number of Pre-Trigger samples.
  • Set the on-board filters independently for each channel, or globally set all channels to a single filter setting.
  • Set the Range for each channel independently or globally set all channels to the same value.
  • Set the acquired array (block) size to any integer value consistent with the amount of RAM in the module.
  • The data will be stored in a three dimensional MATLAB® matrix (samples at blocksize, Channels, Scans).
  • Built on top of Mathwork's MATLAB® so further data processing and custom graphics can be readily accomplished. 
  • Supports MATLAB® versions R2011a through R2007b
  • Acq_Mat1564 Current Release:  A.02.05
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